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What Some of Our Clients Say...

"First off, I would like to say that it is a pleasure to work with you and Bill of the Titoma organization. You are prime examples of what it takes to make a company a world class end to end manufacturing organization that meets or exceeds needs of its customers. Hats off to you and your owners!"

- Russell Huffman, New Tech Alarms

"I am honored to testify as a satisfied customer. I'm very happy with the work you did during the manufacturing phase, and especially grateful for the attention you gave me during the whole process."

- Edgar Orozco, AVICORVI SA

"We decided to work with Titoma because of their reputation and competitive price. We saved up to 100% higher on NRE (Non Recurring Expenses, i.e. design and molds) and 50% on parts. They delivered full turnkey development with impressive professionalism and quality. We have further products lined up for the coming year, and we will look forward to working with Titoma again."

- Michael Jones, Nigami Enterprises

"I recommend Titoma as an excellent partner for die-casted and injection molded parts. During the whole process we had very fast communication, and Titoma offered many useful suggestions on how to improve our mechanical design to avoid problems. The resulting parts were beautiful with a nice finish, and they managed to achieve the tight tolerances we required."

- Jacek Rydzewski, Grupa Techniczna

"We used to buy our custom made keyboards directly from a factory in Taiwan. Unfortunately, working with them turned out to be a major headache--endless shipping delays, which cost us a lot of customers. Two years ago, we asked Titoma to select and manage a new factory. Having a team on the ground that really understands quality and is able to make decisions on the spot saved us a lot of time and hassle."

- Henk Smit, BNC Distribution


Custom Plastic Manufacturing FAQ

Q1. What does Titoma require in order to give my company a quote?

Please see our Tooling Quotes page or click on 'Tooling Quotes' in the navigation bar above.

Q2. What size plastic parts can Titoma produce?

Titoma can make parts of any size. We work with a number of tried and tested tooling shops, and part of our service is choosing one which is the most appropriate for your project.

Q3. Can Titoma make cheaper tools for test marketing?

Titoma can make simple molds with hand-operated sliders and limited tool life for initial testing. Once your test marketing goes well we can make molds out of higher quality steel, so they will last longer. We can also make more than 1 cavity in the mold, so that production goes faster, and unit cost becomes lower.

Q4. Can Titoma make two color injection molds?

We certainly can. This type of work requires 2 molds for each part (one for the inner part and one with the outside shape of the rubber). Molds such as these can be around 2.5 times as expensive as simpler molds, so Titoma sometimes recommends painting parts instead, very nice rubber feel paints are available. We can put you in touch with our engineers to answer this and other questions in more detail.

Q5. How long will it take for Titoma to complete my tooling project?

It normally takes 6 to 8 weeks to make plastic injection molds, depending on the complexity of the part. Once the mold are ready they will be tested, the First Out of Tool (FOT), also known as T1 (for test 1), is the first set of plastic parts that is sent to the client. The client then gives feedback, and normally some small adjustments will be made to the tool, and then new samples are sent to the client. Once the whole set of samples is approved by the client the tool is approved. The adjustment process normally takes about 2 weeks.

Q6. How long does it take to ship my order of plastic parts?

Shipments by boat take about 3 weeks to the US, and about 5 weeks to Europe. If your parts are not so big we can of course also ship by air, in which case the parts arrive in about 4 days.

Q7. What do Titoma tooling services cost?

This depends on the complexity of the parts, the tool life & the number of cavities in the plastic injection mold. Having your project done in China can save you up to 50% versus the US or EU. Please see Tooling Quotes for more information.

Q8. What is the minimum quantity of plastic parts you can make?

Titoma normally works on a batch size equivalent to USD5,000 for delivery. The quantity therefore depends on the unit cost of the parts. When the delivery amount is less than USD 5,000, there will be an additional handling fee of USD 500. Of course if the tools are big we're willing to accept small runs as a service.

Q9. Is it possible to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Titoma?

Protection of the confidentiality of your project is very important to us, which is why we do most all our quoting in-house, so that your CAD files do not have to leave our office. If you want more protection we will be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to receiving any confidential information.

Please click here to download a copy of our standard NDA. Please fill out your information and sign, then fax it to us at +886 2 2727 4689. We will counter sign and fax back as soon as possible.

Q10. What is the best way to send my files to Titoma?

Titoma accepts files that are less than 5 MB via email to Please compress your files with a program such as Zip. For larger files you can use our FTP site.

Since this is a publicly-accessible FTP site, please use password-protected ZIP files when you upload.

FTP address:
Username: rfq
Password: request

Please don't forget to send an email to to let us know that you have uploaded your files, and to give us the the password to your Zip files.

Please contact us at the Titoma Group for more information, a quick quote, or other inquiries.




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