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China Plastic Injection Molding

Molding Specialties
Rapid Tooling
Export Tooling
High Precision
Blow Molding
Co-Injection Tooling
Rubber Molding
Medical Parts
Metal Die Casting
Metal Stamping
Technical Ceramics
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What Some of Our Clients Say...

"First off, I would like to say that it is a pleasure to work with you and Bill of the Titoma organization. You are prime examples of what it takes to make a company a world class end to end manufacturing organization that meets or exceeds needs of its customers. Hats off to you and your owners!"

- Russell Huffman, New Tech Alarms

"I am honored to testify as a satisfied customer. I'm very happy with the work you did during the manufacturing phase, and especially grateful for the attention you gave me during the whole process."

- Edgar Orozco, AVICORVI SA

"We decided to work with Titoma because of their reputation and competitive price. We saved up to 100% higher on NRE (Non Recurring Expenses, i.e. design and molds) and 50% on parts. They delivered full turnkey development with impressive professionalism and quality. We have further products lined up for the coming year, and we will look forward to working with Titoma again."

- Michael Jones, Nigami Enterprises

"I recommend Titoma as an excellent partner for die-casted and injection molded parts. During the whole process we had very fast communication, and Titoma offered many useful suggestions on how to improve our mechanical design to avoid problems. The resulting parts were beautiful with a nice finish, and they managed to achieve the tight tolerances we required."

- Jacek Rydzewski, Grupa Techniczna

"We used to buy our custom made keyboards directly from a factory in Taiwan. Unfortunately, working with them turned out to be a major headache--endless shipping delays, which cost us a lot of customers. Two years ago, we asked Titoma to select and manage a new factory. Having a team on the ground that really understands quality and is able to make decisions on the spot saved us a lot of time and hassle."

- Henk Smit, BNC Distribution


China Plastic Injection Molding: Company Introduction

China Plastic Injection Molding (CPIM), a Titoma Group member, is a Western-managed project management firm that specializes in molds and complex plastic assemblies. We offer our Western clients a significant cost reduction (often > 50%) both on injection molds, production of custom plastic assemblies. Ask us for a quote! and you'll see.

Titoma offers you three ways to save:

Why you need CPIM
Most everybody knows that plastic molds from China are cheap, but there are also plenty of horror stories. If mold making in China goes wrong, it tends to go wrong in quite a big way. At CPIM we offer you the best of both worlds: our China molds and plastic parts are competitively priced, while our team of Western and Taiwanese engineers assure full conformity to Western quality standards and on-time delivery of parts.Think of our services as risk insurance: We take away all the risks and headaches that you will sooner or later run in to when trying to work with Chinese plastic manufacturers directly. O
ver the years we have carefully selected, tested and trained our partners to a level where they can confidently and consistently meet Western quality standards. Our Western management team and engineers are permanently located in Taiwan and China and have an accumulated 70 years of experience working in the region.

China Plastic Injection Molding: Low Cost China Molds
We offer:

  • in-depth evaluation of your part designs so you can avoid problems
  • redesign of your parts to assure optimal Design For Asian ManufacturingTM
  • on-the-ground bilingual project managers to assure clear communication throughout
  • expert mold design following international standards such as DME and HASCO
  • weekly progress reports

China Plastic Injection Molding Main Services:

  • Low-cost plastic products manufactured in China
  • Value Tooling for China plastic manufacturing
    The Titoma Group can devise an appropriate tooling and mold making strategy for you.
  • Precision tooling
    Titoma works closely with a carefully selected group of precision toolmakers, to achieve highest quality at prices substantially lower than in the West.
  • Automotive tooling
    Including Class A surfacing solutions. 
  • Export Tooling
    Custom tools built according to specifications of your injection machines.
  • Co-Injection Tooling
    Injection molding using multiple plastics in one part
  • Blow Molding
  • Technical Ceramics
    Titoma offers ceramic solutions for precision molding, precision machining, mass manufacturing and development of ceramic technology.
Metal Parts Manufacturing
  • Stamping
  • Sandcasting (for larger runs)
  • Die casting
    Durable, precise castings in a variety of sizes, shapes and wall thicknesses.
3D CAD and Engineering Services

The Titoma Group provides a full complement of CAD services, including modeling of new products and 2D to 3D conversion.We also offer product engineering services ranging from design for China manufacturing to reverse and value engineering.

Please contact us at the Titoma Group for more information, a quick quote, or other inquiries.




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